Saturday, March 29, 2014

Marching Out

Well, we're pretty much caught up...except for one big piece of info...we are expecting baby #3 in September! We are so excited and couldn't be happier about expanding our little family. I have been felling pretty good, except for the dizzy spells which led me to fall and break my finger, but baby is doing great and I just got my cast off so things are looking up for us!

Disney World

We decided to take a family trip to Disney - this is the only "family" vacation we've ever taken with just the 4 of us and it was great! The weather was perfect, except for a little rain & cold which in comparison to the weather at home was fine by us.

We even ran into a few friends while we were there, some planned and some unplanned (which was crazy to me - who goes to Disney, where there are thousands of people and runs into someone from home?!). We all had a blast!

Marching In

Well, I did not get to post as much as I would have liked this month, due to a broken finger and full cast on my right hand, so we'll just dive right into what we've been up to:

Lane turned 4! We celebrated with a birthday party at the park with family....and at Disney World!

Lane's birthday celebration at school

Morning of Lane's birthday with her elephant pancakes made by DJ!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ski Trip

The boys took off to Beech Mountain for a little skiing adventure a few weekends back, they had a blast! I was so happy to hear (and see) that Dutch was able to master it on his own. He did an awesome job! Here are some pictures from their weekend. Meanwhile, Lane and I stayed back home and enjoyed some time with family and friends mixed in with a little cleaning and getting our house ready to sell. That's another story for another blog entry... 

On a different note, today is DJ's birthday. We hope you have the best day and I am so lucky to get to do life with you everyday! Cheers to an exciting year to come! xoxoxo

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow, Aquarium and Circus Fun!

We had a busy and fun January!Dutch just finished up with basketball and will soon start soccer and tball. Lane is still dancing away, but will probably sit out for soccer this season. It just wasn't her thing last fall, maybe next fall when she is four?

Anyhow, we've had some cold days which led to the great snowfall of 2014 - not really, but wouldn't that be awesome?! We did get about an inch, so the kids ventured out for a sledding adventure. We were out of school & work for about three days (for what exactly? I'm not sure), so we decided to take a day trip to Charleston to visit the aquarium. Dutch has been begging to visit an aquarium - he loves all marine life, but has a slight infatuation of sharks. He absolutely loved this trip!

We finished out the month at the circus!

Our February promises to be just as busy and exciting, beginning this weekend with Dutch & DJ heading out of town for a ski trip with friends!